Happy Half-Birthday to Bug

My Bug has always been a little bummed that she doesn’t get to bring treats to school to celebrate her birthday. I understand. At their school, when a child celebrates their birthday they bring in treats to share with their class. If there are any leftovers, the child gets to choose a friend and they walk around to the others teachers and faculty to offer them the treats. In return, the teacher gives them a little prize/trinket.

Last year, Bug’s teacher made the suggestion that she celebrate her half-birthday. That way she would get to participate in all the things the kids with non-summer birthdays get to do!

So, here we are, celebrating Bug’s 8 1/2 birthday! She actually helped me bake the cupcakes, and she helped come up with the design and flavors.

Vanilla cupcake, strawberry buttercream. I colored the buttercream with processed freeze-dried strawberries.

What makes this so perfect is that today is Career Day at school! Bug showed up at in her chef’s jacket…carrying cupcakes that she helped make!

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