Happy birthday to my Roo!

My oldest turns 11 today! I’m not one who expresses disbelief in my kids getting older or wishes they’d stay little, but I will say that I can’t believe how tall my child is already!

She’s well over 5 feet tall. She wears junior-sized clothes. And her feet are so big that she just gave her grandmother some hand-me-down shoes!

I love my Roo. She and I butt heads so much lately, but I love her stubbornness. I love her creativity and innocent spirit. She still believes in magic. She has her head in the clouds. Her heart is always in the right place and her intentions are always good. She is learning to express herself in music and art. She is a loyal friend. She is fun to be around simply for the randomness that she displays!

With all that 2020 has thrown us, I am proud at how resilient and adaptive my kids have been. I felt Roo needed to celebrate with her friends, so we planned a party and I asked her to give me her cake request.

“Well, you have a lot going on with taking us to school and dance and all that, so just give me a simple cake.”

She didn’t want anything fancy or detailed. She wanted a mint chocolate birthday cake. She wanted a fun party with her friends. I asked her for any type of theme, and she said, “No theme. Just simple.”

I know my girl loves Roblox, so I decided to honor her “just simple” request by ordering Roblox decorations that included a cake banner. I also took her to the store to choose her sprinkles.

Chocolate cake with mint buttercream

Happy birthday, crazy girl! 💜

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