First Communion

It took some time, but my Bug finally received her First Holy Communion!

The last day she was at school was March 13th. It was the Friday before spring break. They dismissed early. The kids were told to bring home all of their textbooks…just in case they didn’t come back after the break.

The school closed. The church closed. Distance learning lasted the rest of the school year.

Originally, Bug’s First Communion was scheduled for May 2nd. The date came and went. Our priest assured us that the first communicants would receive their first communion before summer was over. It was a priority.

A solution was found as the churches slowly started reopening. With our Bishop’s guidance, our priest allowed first communicants to attend any mass in June to receive their first communion. No more than five communicants at a time. We chose the mass, we RSVP’s our family members attending. Bonus: we chose the mass that is live-streamed, so family members that couldn’t attend could watch online!

Each child was recognized, and it was so special!

With all the changes came a change in cake design. Bug (as usual) had designed her cake. It was very detailed and elaborate. However, being in a time crunch (middle of dance rehearsals) and a quarantine didn’t allow me to focus on such a cake! So, I had her change her design to a sheet cake (instead of a 2-tiered round cake).

Bug chose dogwood flowers and hydrangeas. She wanted rose gold color. She wanted a rosary to go around the cake. She wanted a gold chalice and a host. And she wanted a dove. (I used it as the centerpiece part of the rosary.)

Bug is my vanilla girl, so it was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

I’m so proud of this sweet girl!

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