Street Fighter Cake

One of my friends asked me to make a birthday cake for her husband. When I asked if she had any ideas or if there was anything in particular he likes, she said, “He’s a gamer…and he likes Street Fighter!”

Earlier on this particular day, I had a discussion with my 6-year old daughter. She asked me why I don’t play video games. I told her that I do play games…when I have the time! I even told her that the Super Nintendo she plays is actually mine. She responded, “Let’s play when we get home tonight. I’m gonna beat you in Street Fighter! I just love that game!”

Note: we did play Street Fighter that night…and she did beat me!

So, I was definitely up for making a Street Fighter cake!

The toughest part was matching the font. I did my best, but it’s far from perfect! After finalizing, I ended up adding a printer and edible ink to my Amazon Wish List!

The cake is 3-layer chocolate. The filling and crumb coat are cream cheese buttercream. The top is a fondant designed with a brick impression mat. The traffic cones, wood slats, and Xbox controllers are all fondant. I used Wilton’s Sugar Sheet for the wording. I relied on my trusty Americolor Brush Pens for all the colorful details. The sides were covered in chocolate buttercream.

Happy birthday, Brian! And maybe my daughter will challenge you to a duel one day…as long as she gets to be Dhalsim (he’s her favorite, too)!

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