Pie Crust Cookies

Cookie decorating really isn’t my thing. I have a tumultuous relationship with royal icing! But I needed to change things up this week! My daughter wanted to bring treats to school to celebrate her birthday, and I usually do the teachers a solid favor by providing a not-so-sweet dessert. When I decided on cookies, I wanted to try to make them from pie crust!

I kept seeing them in food magazines and on Pinterest, so I figured it was worth a try!

Basically, you get some pre-rolled pie crust dough and cut out your shapes with a cookie cutter. Brush them with a mix of melted butter and almond extract, then bake them at 350° for 10 minutes. After they cool, you’re ready to decorate!

You can also roll out your own dough to 1/4 inch thickness and cut out the shapes if you want sturdier cookies. (The rolls are thinner.)

After decorating, the sweetness is nice and balanced! Perfect for 18 third-graders!

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