Superhero Cake

My Roo is turning 9 years old! She decided a couple months ago that she wanted a DC Superhero Girls party. I’m totally a fan, so I loved the idea of making the cake!

But…I ran into some issues!

I ordered some special sprinkles, but they didn’t arrive as soon as I thought they would. So, I made the bottom layer, then airbrushed it (as planned), and skipped the sprinkles. Then guess what showed up the next day? The sprinkles! So I had to moisten the fondant just right to adhere the sprinkles. I ended up with a couple runs/drips.

Then, the fondant for the top layer was not cooperating. I live in Tennessee…where it’s humid. I am accustomed to working in humid conditions – even with buttercream! However, the lack of humidity was causing my fondant to dry out faster! Plus, I think my hands were too cold and dry to give heat for the elasticity. I did my best, but ended up with lots of cracks and tears.

Finally, my plan was to paint the logos. I ordered some cake paint, but guess what? They still haven’t shipped! (They’re backordered.) So I busted out my trusty Americolor Gourmet Writer Pens!

I’m not 100% happy with the final product, but Roo definitely is…and that’s all that matters!

I’m just glad I finally got to play with my airbrush kit!

Sprinkles: Fancy Sprinkles

Brush Pens: AmeriColor Gourmet Writer

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