My Little Baker

Last year, my youngest daughter (age 6) began to show interest in cooking and baking. Now, all we watch are cooking shows! (She loves Top Chef, Chopped: Junior, Iron Chef, and Nailed It!)

In response, my sister-in-law gifted her a subscription to Kidstir. (If you have a little one interested in cooking, I totally recommend Kidstir!)

We assigned Bug as our Wednesday night cook. She would choose a recipe or plan a meal using any of her Kidstir recipes or kid cookbooks, and she would cook our family’s dinner. When school let out for summer, we lost any semblance of a schedule…so I gave Bug a break from cooking.

(She even cooked for our Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day meals!)

This year for her birthday, my sister-in-law came through again…this time with American Girl baking products from Williams Sonoma!

My Bug loves American Girl! She received Bella for Christmas last year, and we included her in Bug’s birthday pictures….

Because school is back in session, I wanted to let Bug have a night of cooking again. But, she told me she wanted to make desserts, too. So, we assigned her Sunday nights!

Tonight, she picked S’mores Cupcakes from her American Girl Baking book!

I’m always impressed at how attentive and careful she is in the kitchen. She listens as I explain how to measure and add ingredients. And she’s eager to step in and try things on her own.

Because Bug is also my little artist, she loves adding the finishing touches!

Next month, my husband is taking her to a father/daughter cooking class…and I’m sure she’ll have an amazing time!

I can’t wait to see how she grows with this love of culinary arts!

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