Shopkins Birthday Cake

A couple months ago, my Bug drew for me a picture of what she wanted her birthday cake to look like:

She wanted a 3-tiered cake, covered in pink fondant, and decorated with Shopkins. (Topped with her sister’s large Strawberry Kiss Shopkin!)

Hmm…a 3-tiered birthday cake for my 6-year old? At a pool party? Nope!

We settled on a 2-tiered cake! 😉

The cake is vanilla, layered with vanilla Swiss buttercream. The top tier is filled with loose sprinkles (that will surely make a mess when we cut into it!) The bottom tier has sprinkles mixed in the buttercream between the layers.

The pink and white fondant is pre-packaged Wilton fondant. The decorations on the side of the cake are fondant cutouts, colored with Americolor’s Gourmet Writers.

We couldn’t find her sister’s large Shopkin, so Bug chose six of her new Collectors Edition Shopkins to put on top. (All of them are desserts!)

We’ll add her candles at the party.

Now, hopefully the weather will cooperate for her party…and hopefully the cake won’t melt!

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