Cream Cheese Cookies

My husband and I slacked off a bit last week on our Keto diet, but now we’re back on the wagon! We’re spending this week with family at the lake, and I worked hard planning a menu for everyone…plus a Keto menu for us and my husband’s parents!

This afternoon, I let the kids make their own ice cream. Then, hubby and I each made our own using Swerve. It tasted great!

After dinner, I remembered that I had brought ingredients to make 3 Keto-friendly desserts. One was the No-Bake Chocolate Haystacks. Another was Cream Cheese Cookies!

I’m getting the hang of cooking with almond flour and Swerve. While they’re not the same as regular flour and sugar, I’m finding recipes that work with my tastebuds! And I’m learning how to trust that the baking finishes after I take the pan out of the oven!

These cookies are wonderful! So soft and creamy!

If you haven’t picked up the new cookbook from Carolyn Ketchum, please do so!

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