Italian Cream Cake

My husband is pretty awesome. Not because of all the mushy things I *could* say about him. And not because he’s an all-around cool guy. (He *is* all those mushy things and he most certainly is an all-around cool guy!)

He’s awesome because he’s so supportive!

Last month, I decided to commit to a ketogenic diet/lifestyle. I’ve been consistent in my food choices and successful in my weight-loss!

It’s hard planning meals for my family: a vegetarian, a super-picky eater, a Ketoer, and an intermittent dieter. So, I was so appreciative when my husband decided to try the Keto diet with me! (And my kids have been open to new meals!)

My husband’s birthday is today, and I wanted to make a Keto-friendly cake. I decided to try this recipe I found on All Day I Dream About Food: a delicious Low Carb Italian Cream Cake!

It was easy to make, and it tasted so good! Three of the four people in my house enjoyed it!

(Bug isn’t a fan of non-vanilla cakes…especially ones with coconut and nuts! But I commend her for taking a couple bites.)

I was amused with Roo’s reaction: she said she “liked it 99%.” Then I told her it didn’t have sugar in it. She said, “Well, now I like it 100%!”



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