Sprinkles & Polka Dots & a Quatrefoil!

I have a couple friends whose daughters are on their middle school’s dance team. They have new members and one of my friends is chaperoning a “welcome to the team” slumber party. She asked if I could make a cake for them.

Of course!

When I asked how they wanted the cake decorated, my other friend said (with a serious face), “Polka dots. They’re into polka dots.”

Gotcha! No problem!

I asked her daughter if sprinkles were okay. She said (with a serious face), “Ew…no.”

Well, tough. You’re getting sprinkles.


I wanted to frame “SMS Dance,” so I settled on a quatrefoil. Because quatrefoils and polka dots go hand-in-hand!

Finding the right shades of blue for their school colors was challenging. But I found coordinating jimmies from Fancy Sprinkles!

The cake itself is a layered vanilla cake…covered in an Easy Swiss Meringue Buttercream. The blue decorations are a simple American buttercream.

Hopefully, these girls won’t drive their chaperones too crazy!

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