Swiss Meringue Buttercream

The school year is finally over! With its end comes the end-of-school parties. My youngest is finished with kindergarten, and it kind of makes me sad! Bug’s teacher has a summer birthday, so the kids are celebrating her birthday for the end-of-school party.

I wanted to make a lower-sugar cake and buttercream. A class of 18 5- and 6-year olds? Good call on my part! (Especially since I’m taking one home with me!)

If you’ve never experienced Swiss meringue buttercream, you need to! Basically, you make a meringue by heating egg whites and sugar. Then you whip it up. Then you add all the butter in the world! And some vanilla. That’s it!

What makes SMB so awesome is that 1.) it uses less sugar…a LOT less, and 2.) because it uses so much butter (a fat), it’s kind of filling!

Plus, it melts in your mouth…like a buttermint does! Mmm….

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