First Holy Communion

My oldest daughter celebrated her *first* First Holy Communion this past weekend. Let me explain…

My girls attend a Catholic school, but we celebrate mass as a family at a different church. Last summer, I asked Roo if she wanted to receive her sacraments this year (reconciliation and communion) at school or at our church. She answered, “Church.” So, we put her in the faith formation classes at our church in preparation for her sacraments. In December, she was feeling left out at school because she was the only 2nd grader not receiving her sacraments with everyone else. After talking with the Director of Religious Education at our church and with both second grade teachers at her school, we all agreed that it would be fine if Roo received her sacraments at both school and church!

However, we had to make some agreements!

  • She could not participate in the Eucharist at our church until she celebrated her First Communion there. (Two weeks after First Communion at school.)
  • She was not getting extra parties & cakes! (Only after the second celebrations for each sacrament.)
  • She was not to brag to her church friends that she already received the sacraments that they were still preparing for.

So, we made it through both First Reconciliations. And now she has celebrated her first First Communion!

The Monday after First Communion was when the school celebrated May Crowning…the crowning of Mary with a wreath of flowers. The 2nd graders dress in their First Communion dresses and suits and process into the church. They line up in the center aisle as the 8th graders, who celebrated their Confirmation into the Catholic Church last month and are wearing their Confirmation dresses and suits, process in carrying a rose to present to the statue of Mary. The final student places the crown on Mary. It’s a beautiful procession!

Afterwards, the 2nd grade parents surprised their kiddos with a party to celebrate their First Holy Communion!

I brought cupcakes, of course! I had time/energy to make 48 since I wasn’t making a cake for Roo. Not until her *second* First Communion!

There’s a story behind the gum paste parchment:

Originally, I had planned a gum paste scroll. I rolled it out, shaped it, and set it out to dry. For good measure, I made a second one just in case something happened to my first one. The next day, after I got home with my girls, I went upstairs to collect the scrolls to color them. There was my youngest daughter…eating both scrolls! I had a little bit of gum paste left, but it wasn’t enough. The next day, I was in my office looking for some thread…and found some stashed gum paste! I decided to make a flat parchment instead, and I confirmed with my youngest that she would not be eating any more cake decorations! (I was just happy she didn’t find the fondant toppers I had already made!)

On the day of the school party, my only concern was transporting the pull-apart cross! Thankfully, I made it there without any problem!

I’m so proud of Roo…and she was absolutely beautiful, inside and out! I can’t wait to make her cake for her *second* First Communion!

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