Disney’s Descendants Birthday Cake

My oldest is turning 8…wait – WHAT?!

She chose Disney’s Descendants as her theme. Specifically, Mal and Evie!

She wanted her cake to have both characters represented, so this is what I came up with:

The top is all Evie! Blue fondant and red fondant balls in a quilt pattern, and dusted with a silver shimmer. I added a plastic Descendants crown.

The sides represented Mal with green and purple buttercream. It was piped on in a ruffle pattern. Later (after taking the picture), I tapped it all over with a 1M tip to give it a spiky, dragon’s scale look. I added a plastic Descendants mirror.

The cake itself was red velvet with cream cheese frosting!


I also made cupcake for my daughter’s class. I was very excited about this, because, at her last school, she wasn’t allowed to bring homemade treats to share. Everything had to be store-bought. Now, my daughters can finally bring in yummy cupcakes that their mommy makes!

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