Doctor Who Party

Last year, at my Harry Potter-themed birthday party, I decided this year’s birthday party would be Doctor Who-themed.



I have been going non-stop since July. Vacation, school, fall festival, church, Halloween, races, dance…. I have forgotten what my house looks like without schoolwork, dance bags and shoes, running shoes, water bottles, kids arts & crafts, notebooks, and suitcases spread all over every room.

I saw that my actual birthday landed on a Sunday. And it was a bye week for the Tennessee Titans. Arrington Vinyards has live music on Sundays…and they sell wine on Sundays! Perfect.

Since the view there is picturesque, and my favorite modern Doctor Who episode is the one with Vincent Van Gogh, I decided to go with a Starry Night/TARDIS cake!

It took some planning, and a LOT of work! I mixed up several pots of icing colors…

I decided to do the collaborative painting method, using grids…

I grabbed my Wilton brushes and started painting with buttercream!

At 4.5 hours, after applying details, I had finished:

Several random people stopped by to snap pictures of my cake!

I also whipped up some subtle Doctor Who-inspired foods:

Bowties Are Cool BLT Salad
Fishsticks & Custard (cookies and custard dip)
Jammie Dodgers (strawberry thumbprints)
“Jelly Babies”

The weather was frigid, but the sun (and wine) kept us warm!

Thank you to those who helped me celebrate my 38th trip around the sun! πŸ’™πŸ’™

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