Rainbow Art Party

My youngest is turning 5 this week! WHA?!?!?!?! 

She is my art-lover. She loves painting, coloring, crafting, creating, drawing…anything art-related!

She also loves rainbows. Why? Because she can’t ever decide which color is her favorite, so she picks them all!

Seriously. She’s my heart.

She decided to have a “Rainbow Art Party” for her birthday. We picked a few crafts (painting, coloring, jewelry-making, and cookie decorating), and compromised on food (I allowed a cake, cookies, all of her favorite fruits, Capri-Sun, and chocolate milk…and she allowed water, regular milk, the 2 veggies she likes, and some veggies that I like)!

Because she’s my creative bug, I let her choose her cake design!

It was a very colorful party!

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