Gentlemen’s Chocolate Whiskey Cake

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cake?! I mean, goooood!

We celebrated my husband’s birthday yesterday. When I started planning his party a couple months ago, I saw that his actual birthday fell on a Thursday. This was good, because his live karaoke band (where you sing with the band), The Entertainment, plays every Thursday at The Sutler Saloon in Nashville. It’s kid-friendly before 9-ish and they have great food! Plus, their whiskey/whisky/bourbon/scotch list is impressive! (Here endeth the shameless plug!)

This was when I decided to make a booze cake using whiskey. And it had to be chocolate. But how was I to decorate it…?

The Entertainment wear suits and ties…and Chuck Taylors. It’s their thing!

When I searched Pinterest and the interwebs for “tie cake,” “suit cake,” and “tuxedo cake,” I got a bunch of that’s-not-what-I’m-looking-for results.

Except one. Thank you, Sprinkle Bakes, for reading my mind! Not only was this a tuxedo cake that I could easily change to a suit-and-tie cake…but it was a recipe for a chocolate whiskey cake! Boom!

I made the cake the night before my husband’s birthday. I loved that it has coffee in the recipe! Coffee brings out the chocolate flavor…and I had a freshly opened bag of Starbucks Espresso Roast whole beans ready to go! When it came to the whiskey, we only had Four Roses Single Barrel in our house. About 3 or 4 ounces. Instead of sending my husband to the liquor store at 10:30pm, I measured out 2 ounces for the cake, and gave the rest to him! The cake itself was absolutely perfect in flavor and texture! It was so moist!

I love chocolate ganache. There’s an old inside joke between me and my husband about chocolate ganache. (No, it’s not dirty….) I would really love to make a good ganache that has whiskey in it. Because I’m always adding alcohol to our cakes (see here), and I always need a reason for my daughters to not want to eat our cakes! Coffee and whiskey?! Ewwww!!

Anyways, the cake turned out perfect…

And we all had fun singing with The Entertainment and watching the birthday boy on stage doing what he loves to do!

Happiest of birthdays to my wonderfully-talented husband!!!

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