Preschool Graduation

My 4-year old had her preschool graduation tonight! There may have been tears during the picture slideshow.

Cadence always asks me if I will make her a cake. Or if she can help with my next cake. I decided to make her a graduation cake…but I wanted Cadence to design it!

I gave her an 8×8 piece of paper with a spot for her name. After she wrote in her name, I asked Cadence to draw a picture of her self wearing a graduation cap. (She wanted to put everybody in the picture, but I advised her not to!) Then she added a couple flowers and a sun.

Cadence loves to use every color when she draws. It was tedious mixing several colors of icing, but it was totally worth it!

Speaking of colors, she wanted to buy cake mix and icing from the store instead of me making it from scratch. She loves pink. And she loves strawberry cake. And she loves bright colors. So she chose pink strawberry cake and electric blue icing…with rainbow jimmies.

My vision went wonky while I torted and filled this cake!

Cadence has been so excited about this cake for a few days now! I’m just so proud of my not-so-baby girl!

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